Trusting God

saksaum-1  The anticipated Sak Saum Thailand Grand Opening eventually happened this past last July 30th. We were happy that the founder of Sak Saum came all the way from Cambodia to join us in this very special day. The project has been going on since March but it was just in July that we formally accepted two girls.

It was a happy celebration, but we also have disappointments. First, some people think that it may take a long time before the girls can make quality products that Sak Saum can sell in the US and hence our becoming self-sustaining will be a long shot. Second, we had to let Ami go. She is a competent seamstress, but we found out she could not mentor, train and disciple the girls.  Third, Wayne & Jeen one of the couples on the Leadership team felt they needed to drop out of that position and focus on the New Life Garden Ministry in their home village.  Jeen is chairman of the foundation board and will stay on.  We miss Wayne on the leadership team.

In spite of the discouragement, with Larry’s leadership, we firmly trust that God will see us through. We believe this because only after a month, since the opening under the guidance of Thae and Narlin, the girls are already making good quality bags, scarves, and purses. We praise the Lord that the girls (Aumrai and Aumching) are fast learners.

Please continue to pray for Sak Saum Thailand. We are hoping to rescue, protect and prevent more young women from exploitative situation and help them find their identity in Jesus and live with integrity and be able to support themselves by giving them skills.


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