The New Life Creations Foundation (NLCF) is a non-profit, non governmental organization based in Chiang Rai Province, Northern Thailand. It seeks to provide healing and restoration to women and children affected by prostitution and human trafficking and to provide them with life skills so that they can support themselves and their families. The Foundation helps young women and children to restore their integrity and gain freedom from the damaging effects of human trafficking.


The seed for what was to become NLCF was first planted in the heart of Larry when he came to Thailand in the 70s as part of the US Air Force during the Vietnam War. He was heartbroken, witnessing the plight of many young women lured into prostitution to support their family and seeing unwanted children being sold for quick cash.

Larry returned to Thailand in 2005 to take over a ministry called Garden of Hope in Chiang Mae, an after school ministry among poor children.

After meeting with NGOs and foundations with similar programs, he came to conclusion that little effort is made to provide spiritual healing and life skills to the young women who are rescued from prostitution and human trafficking. To address this specific issue, he conceived the idea of creating a charitable foundation that seeks to prevent, protect and rescue children and women from prostitution, human trafficking and exploitation.

In 2013, Larry came to Mae Sai and shared his vision with people who have a similar concern. Three years of planning, study and research eventually led to the founding of New Life Creations Foundation. It was registered with Thailand’s Ministry of Interior on August 24, 2016, with registration number 9/2559.


The Foundation seeks to bring new beginnings to the lives of those subject to  abuse, trafficking, and exploitation in the Golden Triangle area of Thailand.


We envision that children and women in Northern Thai will be empowered to fight against human trafficking by restoring their dignity and providing them  with life skills.

Our Objectives

  • To protect, prevent and rescue children and young women from prostitution and forms of human trafficking, provide them with skills training that will help them break free from being forced into prostitution because of poverty, lack of education and employment opportunities.
  • To prevent children from becoming child soldiers and child laborers.
  • To support educational opportunities for disadvantaged children from poor families and broken homes.
  • To provide children-at-risk of Northern Thailand and neighboring countries with the opportunity to live in a home with a caring family.


NLCF has established projects that accomplish our objectives:

Sak Saum Thailand is an expansion project of the original Sak Saum in Cambodia founded by Eric and Ginny Hanson. Sak Saum Thailand provides a home and skills training for women affected by human trafficking. They sew bags, purses, shawls, wallets, among others. Sak Saum markets the products and the proceeds are used to cover the salaries, rent and other expenses of Sak Saum Thailand.  Sak Saum means dignity in the Khmer language.

New Life Garden is a community-based project. It started with the idea of preventing Santhad Village School to be closed down by the local government because of the low number of students. The Foundation organised  English Kids Club  at the Ministry House. Foreigners also come to volunteer as English teacher in the school.

Rainbow Children Home in Mae Sai provides shelter for orphans, unwanted and abandoned children, and children displaced by tribal traditions and by the Thailand-Myanmar border situation. NCLF seeks to place a limited number of children in the care of a loving family.