Mae Sai is strung out along four-lane Route 1, which ends abruptly at the immigration checkpoint and the narrow bridge crossing the Sai River. Markets spread out on the west side and around the bridge while residential areas lie behind the main street of Phaholyothin. The winding riverside lane, Sailomjoy, heads off west passing the access road to hilltop Wat Tham Pha Chom, continuing to cute Mae Sai Guesthouse. Even if you don’t want to stay here, this is the best destination for a stroll. Banks and the police station are located along the main strip just before the bridge. The post office and bus station are situated at the southern limits of the town, also on the main highway, as is the Lotus super store. The town’s hospital is out this way too, but bear in mind you’re only an hour from Chiang Rai for probably better treatment.

Heading south on Route 1 for about 60 kilometres gets you to Chiang Rai city, while east along Route 1290 takes you to Sob Ruak and Chiang Saen, 30 and 40 kilometres away respectively. Country Route 1041 winds its way through some villages before rejoining Route 1290 around half way to Chiang Saen if you want to take a scenic route. Just a couple of kilometres east of town on Route 1041 is a new (as of 2015) bridge connecting Thailand to Burma. You’ll notice the queue of trucks and tankers waiting at customs; this is principally, for now, a goods crossing. Tourists still exit Thailand by the old bridge in town.

For Mae Salong and all points west, go south to Pasang sub-district, where you’ll see the turn-off (Route 1130), up the mountain. Back Route 1149 leads southwest out of Mae Sai and hugs the border to the west of Doi Tung before climbing up to emerge near the Doi Tung stupa (Wat Prathat Doi Tung). We were warned off this one in late 2015 by locals and police because the road is very steep and in poor condition. Better to take Route 1, 18 clicks south, where you’ll see well surfaced Route 1149 climbing up to Doi Tung and Mae Fah Luang. (Excerpt from

Our office is located at Payang Road Moo 6 Mae Sai, Chiang Rai.  Mae Sai is considered by many as the gateway for human trafficking. The borders of three countries Thailand, Myanmar, and Laos meet together in the vicinity of the Golden Triangle. The neighboring countries are poor and hence many people are coming to Thailand for work. Many of them are vulnerable to become victims of human trafficking.

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