God’s Provision for the Office


We are thankful to the Lord for his faithful provisions. The glass walls and doors are finished. The contractor actually finished it last night. The workers did not go home until it’s done. When I came to the office this morning I thought I would sit down and write some update for the website and for our newsletter but I found out that the glass walls were smudged with palm and finger prints. The debris from last night works were scattered around. I had to clean up the mess most of the day.

_MG_4535-89This is how it looks from the inside, sitting by Thalita’s office desk. I turned on the AC but it rained heavily so I just turned it off and enjoyed the coolness that the rain brought. We are thankful also for the air-condition donors.

14224890_10153734276997301_7501533740584407422_nWe have to put another glass wall and door on the opposite side so that we can enjoy the coolness of the air-condition when it gets hot and humid here. Meanwhile, the girls are so busy today trying to make as many bags and purses as they can.

Thank you for your prayers. The girls are continually developing their sewing skills. Please pray for Narlin and Thalita as they are now doing the roles of a mentor-trainer/house-mother-office administrator.

We are thankful to God for our partners who believe in us and our desire to help.




This is really good news for us. Just heard from Thalia that the Foundation is approved by the government on the 29 of August 2016. The foundations number is 9/2559. We still don’t know much of the details. We’ll post the full update later. Thank you so much for your support and prayers.

Little by little


We’re moving forward! While we are waiting for the government’s approval to the New Life Creations (NLC) Foundation, we are working so hard to improve the office. Not only because we are making this place to be conducive for work and other useful for NCL activities but also because the government requires us to function as an office.


We are thankful a for donation from a church in the US for the air-condition and glass walls and doors. The contractor came and started working on the frames. The place is beginning to look more like an office rather than an empty storage. Thank you Lord.